McIntosh Group

The McIntosh name has been synonymous with building excellence in the Canterbury region since the 1950’s. Owner and founder of McIntosh Builders Limited, Alastair McIntosh, worked alongside his father, Colin, a second-generation builder, on local construction projects and on major development projects.

In 1995 Alastair went to Australia for a year and worked on several major projects. After returning to his Canterbury roots in the early 90’s, the qualified draughtsman and carpenter founded McIntosh Builders Ltd in 1996. 

Alastair’s extensive experience with commercial, domestic and agricultural projects along with a solid reputation, exceptional work ethic, and integral service values, proved to be a winning combination.  And the company grew from strength to strength.

Multi Generation Success

Those grass root values are still strongly evident today, with a loyal client base who continue to return to the McIntosh Group for all their construction projects. 

Alastair’s son, John McIntosh, started working alongside his father in 2002. After completing his apprenticeship in carpentry, he progressed to Site Foreman on high end residential builds, before moving on to Commercial projects. Bringing about the inception of McIntosh Commercial Construction Limited by John in 2011. 

In 2012, Alastair and John saw the opening for a Precast company and created McIntosh Precast Limited which has been heavily involved in the Christchurch Re-build and works alongside it’s sister companies ensuring a timely manner and delivery for the precast units. 

Alastair and John, are still very much hands on with their projects today. John, who is also a Quantity Surveyor and is NZIQS (Affiliated)  still quotes jobs personally and directly manages their projects every step of the way.

The McIntosh Group Today

Today, the McIntosh Group has grown exponentially, with a team of 40 highly qualified permanent staff and multiple generations of family working in all the divisions – Residential, Commercial, Precast and Painting. The Group is quietly scooping up awards and creating architectural feats in some of the biggest signature projects in NZ, but never turning down the small projects that they started with. 

Working with architects from around the country, they have been involved in projects ranging from modest builds to complex architectural designs. Their outlook and eagerness to tackle any project of any magnitude that has come their way, has put them into a class of their own.

Our History

McIntosh Building Ltd was founded by Alastair and Dianne McIntosh



McIntosh Commercial Construction Ltd was founded by John and Tesh McIntosh

McIntosh Precast Ltd was founded by Alastair, Dianne, John and Tesh McIntosh



McIntosh Properties was founded by Alastair and Dianne McIntosh

The group moves to their custom designed premises in the Ashburton Business Estate



McIntosh Painting was founded by Alastair, Dianne, John and Tesh McIntosh

McIntosh Properties Twelve Limited was founded by Alastair, Dianne, John and Tesh McIntosh. McIntosh Properties Fourteen was founded by Alastair, Dianne, John and Tesh McIntosh


Sought After Employers

The McIntosh Group has a well-earned reputation for being sought-after employers. Their commitment to their staff, work ethics, dedication to every individual job, as well as their implementation and adherence to Health & Safety is second to none. Continuous commitment to upskilling staff, further education support and essentials like medical insurance for everyone, are just some of the aspects that make the McIntosh Group a desirable employer. And the proof is in the pudding – award winning projects, immense pride in the high standard of work produced by their teams and owners working side by side.   Their faithful employee team cannot go unnoticed, some of whom have been with the Group for over 20 years.